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Heat Sealer, Hand Impulse Sealer
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Product Description

This bag sealer is the perfect sealer for PE and PP bags to packaging to packager various kinds of candy food stuff general, merchandery.durgs. etc

The heat sealer have three body for your option


Model PFS-100 PFS-200 PFS-300 PFS-400
Power :200w 300w 400w 1000w
Max seal length:100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm
max selthickness:0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.4mm
Heat Time:0.2-1.5Sec.0.2-14.5 0.2-1.5 0.2-2
Sealing width:2mm 2mm 3mm 3mm
weight:1.8kg 2.7kg 4.5kg 5.5kg
dismension:24*9*16 8*32*15 8.2*45*18 9.32*56*18 cm

Heat Sealers

**Heat Sealers with aluminum Body
**Impulse sealer with middle cutter
**Impilse sealer with side cutter

Seal Length:100mm 200mm,.300mm,400mm
Seal Width : 2mm
Impluse power:300w---600w

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